I Guess Normalcy Just Isn't My Style

Sorry in advance, this is a little ranty:

Friggin everyone I know is getting married...
I mean I'm only 22, why so young? You have your whole life to tie yourself down.
All men want a cookie cutter wife that makes life predictable anyway.
Is it that obscene to think that life might be more fun than that? Find someone who makes life exciting at least... I mean it's only everyday of the rest of your life.

Not that there's anything wrong with wanting a sweet, nice, normal wife. 
But, no matter who the man was in his "guy-hood", if he liked hardcore music, or comic books, or world of warcraft, or surfing, they still all refer back to the cookie cutter, sweetie pie, "whatever you say honey I just love you" girls who, don't get me wrong I love 'em too in certain circumstances, but an entire lifetime with them? The same thing every single day? No one to challenge you? Grow with you? Go out on whims, laugh, find new music, be eclectic, whatever together? 
Life is an adventure

Why are there so few people that are mature, but can still joke around like they're 15 again? 

Maybe I'm asking for too much. Or maybe that's just what the marrying type look like. 

I dunno, more people just need to get out of a mold and be themselves.


Fool-Proof Way to Pick Up a Guy in a Bar

1. Set your ringtone to the ESPN sports center theme

2. Order a drink with whiskey, pretend you like it.

3. Have a friend or loved one text you periodically

4. If no one's bought into it yet, pretend to pick up a call: Talk about nachos, ask your roommate if they're sure they set the DVR to tape the game (doesn't matter what game, there's always one going on), tell them they still owe you beer from the other night, whatever, you get it, along those lines.

5. Wait, repeat if desired

*may also be a good idea to skim sports center that day, doesn't matter if you're interested just be able to recite random facts, if in doubt, change the subject or order another whiskey.

**If you're at some weird bar and for some reason they're not biting (s&m enthusiasts, salsa dancing club, hardcore bands, euro techno (switch to soccer)), just take off your bra and flash your nips, it's nearly foolproof.

Even hipster boys can't resist secretly watching ESPN on occasion. Of course it's with the door locked and headphones on, better for roommates to think their jacking off all the time to Zooey Deschanel indie movies and bikini girls on fixed gears than watching sports center.

I rest my case:

Dun na na Dun na na



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